Sunday, September 2, 2012

Random observations of Italy

Here's some of the things I've noticed:

1- Bread with dinner- bread is served plain. No butter, olive oil and vinegar or any other condiment. It's meant to accompany the meal, not be the meal,

2- language- Most Europeans speak 2, often three, sometimes 4 languages. While they are unfailingly polite, I believe they regard Americans as small children with learning disabilities.

3- Wine- it is a myth that all wine here is good. We've had some great wine, but I've been subjected to plonk, too.

4- driving- Italians are crazy, fast drivers. This is not a myth.

5-Toilets- they have two flush buttons. A large button for large flushes and a small button for small flushes. While utilitarian, I find this fascinating.

6- water- they never serve water from the tap (even though the local water is very good). It's either still or sparkling, always from a bottle.

7- Bedrooms-small, often cramped but impeccably clean..

8- Street signs- they suck

9- Cars- when a smart car starts to look like an SUV, you get the picture. Plus, the more expensive the car, the faster they drive.

10- flowers- they are everywhere. Since there is so little available land, especially in towns, pot gardens flourish. It is obvious that the locals take a lot of pride in the maintenance and upkeep of their little patio spreads,

11- tomatoes- OMG, they are delicious. I have seen mainly the heirloom type of tomato,this is the everyday variety.

12- eating schedule- breakfast around 10, lunch around 2, dinner starting at 8. This is normal here. Shops close around 3 for siesta until about 7. They stay open until about 11.

13- If I win the lottery, I'm moving here.

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