Monday, September 3, 2012

Cinque Terre- Levanto

We arrived yesterday afternoon after a three hour drive from Arezzo- the road down to the seaside town was winding, narrow and full of switchbacks. We got passed many times by people whom I assume are the locals and know the road way better than we do. Once in town, it reminded me of Stone Harbor NJ- not the buildings, but the feel of it- this is a tourist town for seaside recreation. It took us a while to find the hotel- Garmin let us down and took us to the wrong address, but when we went back into town to ask at the tourist information booth, we saw a sign for our hotel. Up another steep narrow road (this is a two way street????) and had almost given up hope when we came upon the hotel at the top of the hill. Sweeping view of the mediterranian (or at least I think thats what I'm looking at). At night, to our right looking out over the water, you can see the lights of Portofino. Huge yachts go cruising by.

It rained all night and was pouring this morning. I would feel disappointed if I didn't know how desperately they need the water- they are in drought, like us. By 10:00 the rain has stopped and the sky is starting to clear- at lunch time we are going to take the train to the farthest Cinque Terre town and start hiking back- the last two towns are closest together and it is only a half hour hike between them. We will play it by ear as to how many towns we will hike between and take the train back when we are tired.

Tomorrow we will see the towns we miss today. Then on to Venice.

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