Thursday, September 6, 2012

Last random thoughts on Italy

1- Men in speedos: I was very excited about the prospect of hot Italian men on the beach in speedos- sadly (and oddly) the only man in a speedo I saw was on the hiking trail in Cinque Terre- he was wearing hiking boots, a backpack and a speedo. Those crazy Italians,

2- Melone Gelato (cantaloupe Ice Cream) I tries this on a whim in Cortona- it's light, refreshing, and tastes like biting into a slice of cantaloupe. I was immediately hooked. I think I've had one every day since then.

3- Espresso on the run- on more than one occasion at a roadside restaurant, we've watched cars pull up and someone jump out, run up to the counter, order an espresso, shoot it and then jump back in the car and take off. Where are they going? Why the hurry? and do they need espresso to survive it?

4- Shoes- I bought a rockin' pair of sandals, gladiator style with leather roses down the front. Just warning you ahead of time so my fabulousness doesn't throw you for a loop.

5- Last memory- after we walked back from buying my fabulous sandals, we walked along the dark grand canal. Across the way on the steps of a chapel, a lone violinist was playing Glen Miller's "String of Pearls". The music was sweet and romantic. It was the perfect end to a perfect holiday.

Ciao Bella!

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