Saturday, September 1, 2012

Culinary Adventure Day, Olive oil Tasting

On our culinary adventure day we got to go to Anghiari for a tour of the city, then drove down the valley to the home of Francesco, who makes olive oil the way his great, great, grandfather did, the olives are dumped into a chute where they fall into the machine in the picture, the stone wheels crush the olives, then the crushed olives are placed in layers of of 5 woven rope filters, then a steel plate, then 5 filters and a steel plate etc.. the filters are stacked onto wheeled carts and rolled into a press, the press crushes the olives again and the oil flows down through to the floor below where it is collected. They actually invite you back to participate in the picking and crushing of the olives. People from all over bring the oils to him to be pressed, the event is full of wine and food, he gets paid by the gift of some of the olive oil that gets pressed. You get the rest.

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  1. now were talking,,,olive oil ..... wheres the bread for dipping?