Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why Two Fat Cats?

It all started with a pair of socks.....

Anyone who knows me will attest to the fact that I have an affinity for weird socks. Birds, horses, dogs, cats, chili peppers have all found their way into my sock drawer. One year on vacation I found a pair that had two cats, side by side walking away from the viewer with their tails swinging in the air. Their little footprints wound across the socks. Brian loved this pair and told me "That's us! Two fat cats." And the name stuck.

Fast forward a couple of years and we decided that the time had come to make our dream of having a real gourmet kitchen in our home a reality- and the renovation (read nightmare) began. Yes, honey, I would call cooking out of a crockpot on a card table in the living room for three months a nightmare. Anyway, while we were renovating we discussed that with this kitchen, we could open a restaurant. When Brian asked what we would name this imaginary restaurant, I flippantly replied "Chez Townsend". At the same time, he said "Let's call it Two Fat Cats." and so Chez Townsend's Two Fat Cats was born. Later that year, at Christmas, Brian had two chef jackets made with the Chez Townsend's Two Fat Cats name on it- and in a stroke of genius- the picture of the two cats from my socks. This is why we've been married 32 years. That, and the fact that he can cook!


  1. You should be landing any minute. We already miss you guys! Have fun and be safe. Love-Casie

    1. We're here.Loooong day- we're both exhausted.Having trouble signing in to the blog to post. We'll work on it at the villa tomorroe- love you guys!