Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A surprising good morning

This morning when we went down to breakfast and were discusing the day with the other guests, one couple that was staying with us mentioned that they were going to a winery and did anyone want to go. Brian and I thought this was a great idea since we wanted to see a winery anyway, and taggged along. What we didn't know was that the couple that we went with are related to a major wine distributor in Canada, and this was a private tour at a winery that does not give tours.

The woman who gave the tour, Giovanna, is the sister of the owner. She brought us in to her dining room on the estate and gave us a private tasting of 9 different wines that the estate produces. Each bottle was more delicious than the last. She then took us through the brewing and fermenting rooms to see the vats and casks of the different wines they were making. She insisted that we take the opened bottles of wine back to the villa with us, and we purchased a few bottles more. The one wine thst I loved, which I thought was really exceptional, is not for sale to the general public- bummer! But we bought some very nice reds and whites. All in all, a surprising very good morning. :)

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  1. Your trip sounds awesome. What an opportunity to get to go on that tour. I am so excited for you two.